Butterfly Bush Gallery


1.   Honeycomb b. Longest blooming release from University of Georgia by Dr. Michael Dirr. 
Many of these plants are in 15 and 20 gallon pots and are our display plants.
2.   Bi-color, this is a seedling selection from Honeycomb b. by Dr. Dirr, U of GA.
3.   Left - Bi-color, lavender and butterscotch. Center - Guinevere, black purple. Honeycomb lower right. Guinevere is the Botany Shop favorite variety. We have several large plants in 20 gal. pots in front of our building iterance. It seems to be the most fragrant with the greenest and shiniest foliage and good color bloom
4.   Guinevere - top left.
Bi-color - center
Honeycomb - lower.
5.   Guinevere, bi-color, honeycomb and Terrisa.
Terrisa's mustache is an old spent flower that got in the way,  thanks Terrisa , sorry.
6.   Bi-color, Guinevere and Honeycomb
7.   Attraction Red (Dr Dirr, U of GA). All buddleia varieties attract many different species of butterflies.   
8.   Attraction (U of GA)
9.   Attraction and Honeycomb Yellow  in a demonstration garden in Ewert Park, Joplin MO. This picture was taken 60 days after they were planted. When planted they were in 3" Jiffy pots, just like the ones we ship.
10.  Ewert Park Joplin MO. Butterfly bush evaluation plots, planted July 2002, picture taken September 2 2002.
11.  Silver frost white. June 2003, Ewert Park Joplin MO. Guinevere, black purple in back. Both varieties are very vigorous.
12.  Silver Frost 2003. Butterllies all summer.
13.  Silver Frost. This plant grew and flowered all winter in our greenhouse. January 2003.
14.  Silver Frost. It is so white it almost glows in the dark This is one of the Botany Shop display plants in a 20 gal. pot
15.  Silver Frost. Blooming in a foggy greenhouse all winter. Photo taken in Jan. 2003.
16.  Moon Shadow. A good, compact, lite lavender. Rated #3 in the 1997 evaluations in the University of Georgia test plots. Introduced by Nurseries Carolina
17.  Ellens Blue. Grayish silver foliage. This picture does not really do it justice. It really is a bluer blue.
18.  Ellens Blue
19.  Summer Rose. Rich deep mauve rose with a golden eye. Probably the same as Raspberry Wine from Carol Gardens. One of the top 10 in Dr. Dirr's U of GA 1997 evaluations.

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